A Pooch Affair 2019: 15 June @ EPIC. Open 10am-4pm.
A Pooch Affair is turning FIVE in 2019! Come and celebrate with us!

Doors open in:

Conditions of Entry

The following conditions apply to all patrons attending A Pooch Affair

The following conditions apply to all patrons attending A Pooch Affair. These are in addition to the general conditions of entry enforced by Exhibition Park in Canberra:

  1. Patrons enter at their own risk and are expected to take reasonable precautions, particularly around dogs, to ensure the safety of themselves and others. A Pooch Affair Organisers are not liable for any loss or damage to personal property.
  2. Dogs are allowed to attend the event on the provision that all of the terms and conditions outlined below are met. No other animals are permitted at the event.
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times.
  4. Dogs must not have a history of behavioural problems or aggression that may pose a risk to other dogs or humans.
  5. Patrons should not approach, pat or handle dogs at the event without permission from the respective owner or minder, particularly show and performance dogs.
  6. Patrons are encouraged to using the hand sanitizer stations available throughout the venue before entering restricted dog-free zones or consuming food or beverage products.
  7. Patrons attending the event grant permission to be photographed by the official photographers. These images may be used in promotional material for A Pooch Affair or Exhibition Park in Canberra at any stage in the future.

All patrons bringing dogs to the event:

The following conditions apply specifically to patrons bringing dogs to the event:

  1. Patrons are permitted to bring a maximum of two dogs per person to the event.
  2. Patrons must take full responsibility for their dog/s and ensure they are supervised and under control at all times. Dogs are not to be left unattended anywhere inside the Exhibition Park grounds, including car park areas.
  3. Patrons must adhere to all signage and keep dogs within the permitted event areas and clear of dog-free zones and entertainment areas.
  4. Patrons entering the event with dog/s MUST bring a waste bag dispenser. A Pooch Affair branded bag dispensers will be available for sale at the door and the information booth inside Budawang Pavilion.
  5. A dedicated dog toilet area is located directly outside the main entrance in Flemington Park. In the case of any accidents, Patrons must clean up after their dog and dispose of waste in the allocated rubbish bins; or immediately report stains to event cleaners or personnel.
  6. Patrons accept full responsibility for any and all damages and costs incurred as a result of an injury sustained by their dog or inflicted by their dog on any other dog or person at the event, thereby releasing A Pooch Affair Organisers against any and all claims or actions of any kind.

All dogs attending the event:

  1. Must be on a leash at all times, unless within a specified dogs off leash or activity area. Retractable leads must be on the locked position at all times.
  2. Must be in good physical health and not currently suffering from any contagious illness or infection, or displayed signs of illness or infection within the last 14 days.
  3. Must be well socialised and able to cope in close proximity to other dogs and humans for extended periods of time.
  4. Must not have a history of behavioural problems or aggression that may pose a risk to other dogs or humans, or be declared as dangerous or a Restricted Breed, as defined as a breed whose importation into Australia under the Commonwealth Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.
  5. A Pooch Affair Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission or eject dogs if they do not meet the conditions above, or if they display signs of aggressive behaviour, biting, fighting or excessive barking.

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