2017 A Pooch Affair: Doggie Day Out

16 JUNE 2018
10am - 4pm
Exhibition Park in Canberra

Doors open in:

2017 Activities & Attractions

There was lots to see and do at A Pooch Affair 2017

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Doggie MallSpoil your canine companion with a shiny new toy, tasty nibbles & more from the retail booths in Budawang Pavilion. (See listing)
Doggie Day SpaPup a little on the nose? Book them in to the Doggie Day Spa for the full primp and preen! Located in Budawang Pavilion.
Doggie Diner & CaféAn empty stomach can make anyone a little fractitious - keep your pooch topped up at the Doggie Diner & Café in Budawang Pavilion! A separate human-only food area is just nearby, so you don't have to go hungry either.
Paws 'n Pose Photo BoothA complimentary "Paws and Pose" photo booth will be available for you to take lots of happy snaps of your special doggie day out!
High Tea With Dogs: Tea Amongst the TulipsHigh Tea Amongst the TulipsThis unique dining experience allows you and your four-legged friend to get dressed up and indulge in gourmet treats. Reservations essential!

Thanks to Gold Sponsor Barlens

Breed Play SessionsCalling all cavorting canines! We have more breed play sessions this year, PLUS open play sessions for small and large breeds. If you find a look-a-like at your play session you could win a prize!

Sessions are in Coorong Pavilion at:
10:15am - 10:45am (Terriers)
11:00am - 11:30am (Schnauzers)
11:45am - 12:15pm (Oodles)
12:30pm - 1:00pm (Small Dogs open play)
1:15pm - 1:45pm (Spaniels)
2:00pm - 2:30pm (Pugs)
2:45pm - 3:15pm (Dachshunds)
3:30pm - 4:00pm (Large Dogs open play)
Showbags, Info & MerchandiseHead to the A Pooch Affair booth in Budawang Pavilion to pick up a showbag (numbers are limited!), merchandise or ask a question about the event.

Thanks to Love 'em   Family Parks   Blackhawk: Ingredients that matter     Royal Canin     Puppy GoGo

Complete a 2 minute survey at the event & go into the lucky draw to WIN some great prizes!

DOGUE Fashion Parade
Open Competition
Does your pooch like to strut their stuff? This is their big chance to dress up and hit the stage, with prizes to be won! Check it out on the Petbarn Main Stage in Budawang Pavilion.

Thanks to APA Supporter DOGUE

Shake, Drop & Roll
Open Competition
Does your pooch know their tricks? This is their big chance to hit the stage and show off their skill, with prizes to be won! Check it out on the Petbarn Main Stage in Budawang Pavilion.

Thanks to Bronze Sponsor Hill's Science Diet

Pawfect Match Competition FinalsDoes your dog's name match them just perfectly? Enter the competition on our Facebook page from 24-31 May for your chance to be in the final 6 on The Petbarn stage at A Pooch Affair!

Sponsored by APA Supporter    

Not-For-Profit & Community GroupsGet in touch with local dog clubs and organisations promoting animal welfare in Coorong Pavilion. (See listing)
Animal Rescue GroupsWe already know you love dogs. If you've ever considered volunteering at animal rescue service/shelter, or just want to know more about the adoption process, head to Coorong Pavilion and talk to passionate local animal rescuers. (See listing)
Lifeline Canberra Doggie BookshopLifeline Canberra is considered amongst the most pre-eminent charities in the ACT, regularly setting the benchmark for leadership in suicide prevention and community-wide awareness for mental health advocacy. Lifeline Canberra exists to save lives of those experiencing thoughts of suicide. Support Lifeline Canberra by buying a book (or five) and help save a life.
Onsite Photographer
Mark Turner Images
We will have a professional photographer roaming around taking photos throughout the day. All photos will be put into an album and posted on our Facebook page after the event. Proudly supported by Mark Turner Images.
Mark Turner Images
Come & Try Agility Course
Open Activity
See how nimble your dog is at the Come & Try Agility Course in Coorong Pavilion! All dogs are welcome to participate and have fun for a gold coin donation to our charity partner, RSPCA ACT.

Thanks to our Charity Partner   RSPCA ACT

Dances with Dogs
Dances with Dogs is not about dancing - it is about having fun through learning tricks with your dog and linking them together to build a short routine using a piece of music to provide theme and timing. Check out this amazing display of skill, grace and obedience at the Entertainment Ring in Budawang Pavilion.
Obedience is all about demonstrating the dog's ability, intelligence, understanding of the work required, and the cohesion of the handler and dog as a team. Check out this amazing display of skill and teamwork at the Entertainment Ring in Budawang Pavilion.
Rally-o is a variation on obedience heel work (like a cross between obedience and agility) with handlers and dogs following a set course using marked signs and undertaking various exercises such as turns, jumps, position changes, backwards walking, figure eights, food refusal and serpentines. Check out this amazing display of obedience and agility at the Entertainment Ring in Budawang Pavilion.
Canine Disc
Demonstration & Presentation
Building a better bond with your dog through play. Check it out at the Entertainment Ring in Budawang Pavilion.
Noseworks is a wonderful activity for all dogs that uses both physical and mental energy and can be done almost anywhere and anytime and with any ability.

Noseworks uses a dog's massive olfactory senses to hunt smells - their specially designed noses and over 12% of their brains are just for sniffing!

Do your dog a favour and find out more today! Check out the schedule for the session time.
Breed Showcase
Head to Coorong Pavilion from 1pm to check out the Breed Showcase - featuring Cairn Terriers, Flat Coated Retrievers, and Cocker Spaniels.
Guide Dogs ACT / NSW
Check out the schedule for the session time.
Pets4Life: Before You Get a Dog - Tips to Get it Right
Avoid pet regret! Find out what you need to consider before you fall in love with a cute puppy including the real cost of looking after a dog, choosing a breed, dog behaviour and training.Check out the schedule for the session time.
Responsible Pet Ownership
Presentation by DAS (Domestic Animal Services)
Check out the schedule for the session time.

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